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Romera Brass mouthpiece

How Romera Brass came about

As a trombone player, I would feel frustrated when I couldn't find the perfect mouthpiece so, in my concern to solve this problem, I started working with a small manual lathe to find the solution. After 5 years of destroying mouthpiece after mouthpiece, I had gained certain knowledge I wished to share and made the decision to open up a shop that specialised in the production of mouthpieces.

Romera Brass. A Utopia

Each person is responsible for not only their own life but also contributing with their work to improving other people's lives. That is why Romera Brass wishes to use its knowledge to help improve the difficult job of being a musician.

The miracle of music is achieved with personal sacrifice and a combination of all of the musicians' talent. Music, and all of the arts in general, help bring melodies to our emotions. Love, sadness, happiness... each feeling has its own melody.

I believe that idealists are needed today, more than ever.

Romera Brass looks to the future.

Following 20 years of research and very hard work, Romera Brass is a company that is ready for the future. We have created our own technologies and use the best CNC machines in addition to applying a design that offers our own personality.

We work each day so mouthpieces are not just simply accessories, but rather one of the most important parts of an instrument and for a musician.

A musical greeting, Toni Romera,
Manager of Romera Brass
Romera Brass · C/ Balsareny s/n · Manresa · Tel +34 938 733 718 · romerabrass@icloud.com
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